DuPontTM offer Corian® a 10 year product warranty. Should a confirmed fault be found within the material DuPontTM will arrange for the fault to be corrected, however certain colours are sold as disclaimer colours.  The disclaimer colours are all listed on the Corian® Colours page.

Kitchen colours of Corian®

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Abalone       Antarctica           Aqua         Atlantis          Aurora       Aztec Gold    Beach Glass  


    Beige Fieldstone



Blue Pebble      Bone       Burnt Amber  Butter Cream Cameo White    Canyon         Cargo       Caribbean     Clam Shell

    Clay             Dusk           Eclipse          Everest         Festival         Fossil      Glacier White  

    Grey Fieldstone


Lava Rock        Linen          Macadam     Malachite     Mardi Gras    Matterhorn  Mediterranean     Midnight     Mojave

Mont Blanc      Oceanic         Peach        Pearl Gray     Pepper Ivory      Pine           Platinum       Primrose        Raffia

Rainforest       Sahara          Sand          Sandstone    Savannah       Seagrass      Seashell         Sequoia          Silt 

Silver Birch       Sonora         Spruce    Stone Washed   Tarragon         Terra      Tumbled Glass    Vanilla      Venaro White

Vesuvius   White Jasmine   Whitecap

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