Staron® solids

Staron® sanded

Staron® aspen

Staron® pebble

Staron® talus

Staron® metallic

Staron® tendril

Staron® tempest

Bright White








California Poppy




Mountain Bluebird

Sanded Birch

Sanded Cream

Sanded White Pepper

Sanded Midnight

Sanded Sahara

Sanded Gold Dust

Sanded Vermillion

Sanded Kiwi

Sanded Seafoam

Sanded Blush

Sanded Grey

Sanded Mocha

Sanded Pine

Sanded Dark Nebula

Sanded Nightsky

Sanded Leaf

Sanded Marine

Sanded Sunset

Aspen Glacier

Aspen Snow                  Aspen Fiesta              Aspen Grey               Aspen Slate

Aspen Pepper              Aspen Amber             Aspen Brown           Aspen Lava               Aspen Spruce

Aspen Sky                 Aspen Mine                  Aspen Green

Pebble Ice                  Pebble Swan                Pebble Beach             Pebble Caper               Pebble Saratoga

Pebble Gold               Pebble Rose                Pebble Aqua                Pebble Blue                Pebble Grey

Pebble Shale             Pebble Sienna              Pebble Ebony             Pebble Confetti

Talus Oyster               Talus Luna                 Talus Ash                  Talus Sandbar

Metallic Yukon                Metallic Beach           Metallic Valencia           Metallic Dawn             Metallic Galaxy

Tendril Dune                Tendril Thistle                Tendril Sagebrush             Tendril Cirrus        Tendril Cucumber  

Coffee Bean                  Gold Leaf                   Radiance                     Starfire                        Zenith

Copyright Stockport Solid Surface Ltd 2008©. All Rights Reserved.

Please note the following colours are disclaimer colours which in brief means they are not suitable for heavy use areas and marks, scratches, stains or burns will not be covered by the samsung Staron® warranty.

Aspen Dark, Aspen Jade, Aspen Lava, Aspen Sky, Aspen Mine, Pebble Blue, Pebble Castle, Pebble Confetti, Pebble Copper, Pebble Ebony, Pebble Quarry, Pebble Shale, Pebble Sienna, Metallic Galaxy, Sanded Ash, Sanded Dark Nebula, Sanded Juniper, Sanded Leaf, Sanded Marine, Sanded Mocha, Sanded Moss, Sanded Night Sky, Sanded Onyx, Sanded Pine, Solid California Poppy, Solid Geranium, Solid Mountain, Solid Bluebird, Solid Onyx, Solid Sunflower, Solid Universe, Tempest Coffee Bean, Tempest Constellation, Tempest Spice, Tempest Radiance, Tempest Gold Leaf, Tempest Starfire, Tempest Blaze, Tempest Tektite.
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