Staron® Summary

Staron® is a countertop material made by Samsung. It is an acrylic composite that offers customers an incredible aray of benefits. With more than 70 colour and pattern choices there is a Staron® countertop to compliment any kitchen or bathroom design. Staron® is highly functional it's durable, stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain. It is non-pourus, so bacteria, viruses and molds cannot penetrate the surface. Staron® is also easy to shape, making innovative designs and edge treatments possible.

Staron® isn't just for kitchens and bathrooms. Given it's durability, easy maintenance and it's range of colour choices, Staron® is also used to create shower walls, tub decks, reception desks, bar tops and is used in the finest homes as well as hotels.

To ensure satisfaction, Samsung is proud to offer a 10 year limited warranty for homeowners. It's your assurance that your Staron® countertop will maintain it's long term value. The warranty offered is also transferable, so you can pass it on if you sell your home. Staron® also offer a 10 year limited commercial warranty for non-residential applications.

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